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If you like to spend your time worrying about the future, you’re in a golden age.

A comedy futurist podcast based on Alex Nussbaum's hit solo show!

“Nussbaum has a singular voice and solid insights into both technology and human behaviour...clever, frequently hilarious.”

– Now Magazine


“It’s to Nussbaum’s credit that in this his first Fringe production, he makes the stuff of staid futurists a smart laugh-out-loud evening at the theatre.


It would take a special performer to make this serious stuff something that would make people laugh. Nussbaum, happily, is that performer.

Alex Nussbaum’s Handbook to the Future: A Brave New Worrier is one of those plays that manages to be educational and fun. Go for the laughter, and stay for the insight into the future we’re already starting to live in.”

—Mooney on Theatre


“The subject matter of Nussbaum's work was both terrifying and mesmerizing.  His comedic timing is well utilized and provides just enough relief for this serious subject matter.  Although it was not selected for the Best of, the show did win a Patron's Pick and was one of the highlights for us.”

—Emerging Art Productions


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